Awards Data Tables

Starting in 2017-2018, MI School Data hosts the College Degree and Certificates Awards Report, formerly known as Awards Conferred. If you have questions, please email or call 517-335-0505 x3. Please provide your name, entity name and entity code, the CEPI application name, your telephone number (including area code and extension), your email address and your specific questions.


 folder  Trends
 folder  Awards Data, 2016-2017
 folder  Awards Data, 2015-2016
 folder  Awards Data, 2014-2015
 folder  Awards Data, 2013-2014
 folder  Awards Data, 2012-2013
 folder  Awards Data, 2011-2012
 folder  Awards Data, 2010-2011
 folder  Awards Data, 2009-2010
 folder  Awards Data, 2008-2009
 folder  Awards Data, 2007-2008
 folder  Awards Data, 2006-2007
 folder  Awards Data, 2005-2006
 folder  Awards Data, 2004-2005
 folder  Awards Data, 2003-2004
 folder  Awards Data, 2002-2003
 folder  Awards Data, 2001-2002
 folder  Awards Data, 2000-2001