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College Contacts: Washtenaw Community College

Category Report Contact Person Phone/Fax/Email
  Enrollment Data by ACS Instructional Subactivity [ACS 6] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Expenditure Data [ACS 3] Barbara Fillinger
(P) 734-973-3560
  Physical Plant Expenditures & Activity Measures [ACS 7] Penny Hill
(P) 734-677-5322
  Tuition, Taxable Value, and Millage [ACS 5] Barbara Fillinger
(P) 734-973-3560
  Awards Conferred (Completions) Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Graduation Rate Survey Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Graduation Rates of Occupational Students [2P1] Kathy Currie
  Unduplicated Count of Students Having Received at Least One Award [4P2 derived] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Employees by Assigned Positions [IPEDS] Linda Blakey
  Fall Staff Linda Blakey
  IRS 1099MISC - Miscellaneous Income Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  IRS 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  IRS FICA and Federal Withholding Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  IRS W2 - Wage and Tax Statement Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  Michigan Public Schools Retirement System [MPSRS] Retirement Report Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  Michigan State Withholding Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  National Compensation Survey Christine Mihaly
  Perkins Professional Development (Fast Track) Kimberly Hurns
(P) 734-973-3724
  Wage Detail Report (UIA 1017) Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  At-Risk Student Success Program - Summary Report Elizabeth Orbits
  Core Indicator Ethnicity and Gender Data Kathy Currie
  Fall Enrollment Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Fall Residency Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Michigan Adult Part-time Survey Kathy Currie
  Non-Program Enrollment Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Year-End Program Enrollment [4P1 derived] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  A-133 Audit Report Karen Parker
  Department of Management and Budget Performance Measures William Johnson
(P) 734-477-8748
  Economic Development (EDJT) Job Training Audit Report Karen Parker
  Finance [IPEDS] Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  FISAP - Campus-Based Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate Karen Parker
  Fiscal Operations Report Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  Grants Final Expenditure Report Overview [DS-4044] Karen Parker
  Grants Project Expenditure Report/ Request for Funds [DS-4492A] Karen Parker
  IRS 1098T - Tuition Payment Summary Lynn Martin
(P) 734-973-3507
  Michigan Annual Report Linda Blakey
  Michigan Campus-Based Year-End Report Linda Blakey
  Michigan Sales Tax Lynn Martin
  Perkins Application for Community College Local Leadership Kimberly Hurns
  Salaries [IPEDS] Chris Mihaly
  Workers' Compensation Audit Lynn Martin
Institutional Information      
  Accelerated Entrepreneurship Curriculum Michael Nealon
  Application for License to Solicit Donations Lynn Martin
  Campus Security Jacques Desrosiers
  Career Education Consumer Report (CECR) Kathy Currie
  Collaboration with 4-year Schools Joy Garrett
  Evaluation Schedule for State Approved Occupational Programs Michael Nealon
  Institutional Characteristics Linda Blakey
(P) 734-973-3541
  Institutional Snapshot (NCA Survey--now The Higher Learning Commission) Linda Blakey
  North American Indian Tuition Waiver Data Linda Blakey
  Partnerships for Employment Reports Michael Nealon
  Perkins (HE4058A) Approved Postsecondary Occupational Education Equipment Kimberly Hurns
  Perkins New Program Approval Application Kimberly Hurns
  Perkins Program Review of Occupational Education (PROE) - Summary Report for Self-Study Evaluation of Occupational Programs Kimberly Hurns
  Student Right to Know [SRK] Kathy Currie
  Survey of Government Employment - School Systems Linda Blakey
  Taxonomy Review by Colleges Selected for ACS Audit Linda Blakey
  Tuition and Fees Linda Blakey
  Employment Retention (Not Education) - Perkins Core Indicator 3P2 Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Occupational Specialty Courses GPA [1P2] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
Perkins Application      
  Perkins Local Annual Application and Four-Year Plan Dr. Kimberly Hurns
Perkins Data      
  Academic Courses GPA [1P1] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
Program Information      
  Follow-Up by Program [3P1 derived] Kathy Currie
(P) 734-677-5143
  Performance of K-12s (title varies) Kathy Currie
  Program Inventory Joy Garrett
Dir, Curriculum & Assessment
(P) 734-973-3706